Kick on Sight

This list dictates that every single name listed in here will be kicked on sight.
The dictated names are assumed to have committed misconduct that resulted
to a persona non grata.

Username Offense From
James1314 Disrespect towards employees FIB
Zuko971 Disrespect towards employees FIB/DIA
SloppyMcFloppy Nuisance FIB
Toru Raiding & Trolling DIA
JasonLolz Spam null
XxJoshua67xX Spam null
goldenmystery Spam null
Absorption Disrespect, Racist Abs' FBI Owner
lewdercomments Harrassment null
Labz10 Raiding & Trolling FIA's Owner
YouSaucyMinx Raiding & Trolling DIA
Kiaaaaaan Raiding & Trolling DIA 1iC
vasting Raiding & Trolling DIA